What is a Hashtag

The hashtag was first started on Twitter to provide an easy way for people to find, follow or to contribute a specific conversation. Chris Messina, the former Google designer, invented hashtags. There are so many questions in people’s mind about using hashtags; everybody wants to know how to create coolest hashtags. In this article, I will try to explain most of the questions.

  • How to use hashtags on facebook?
  • How to use hashtags on twitter?
  • How to use hashtags on Instagram?
  • How to use hashtags on LinkedIn?
  • How to use hashtags for business?
  • What is the purpose of using hashtags?
  • What is a hashtag and how do you use it?
  • What is hashtag marketing?

According to rules a pound(#) sign is used before starting a word. If we talk about facebook or twitter when we use pound sign with a word it turns into blue.

Why do people use Hashtags?

It is an essential question. These are used to get more attention of people, to start a conversation on a specific topic, and it let your target audience quickly find you. If you want to draw more attention to your clients, you can use hashtags.


  • Get found by your target audience quickly by using hashtags.
  • Increase clients on social media using hashtags strategy.
  • Double your clickthrough rates.
  • Quickly know what other people are saying about a specific topic.
  • When you click on a hashtag facebook or twitter shows you all the pages or posts related to that hashtag or which are using the same hashtag.

How to create Hashtag on Twitter

The best practice is to use a hashtag for the word which you use very often, don’t use it for the words or sentences you don’t use. After you have created, it will be bold, and its colour will be blue. When you click that hashtag, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram will show you all pages or posts which are using that hashtag.That’s why using hashtags for business and using hashtags for advertisement is very useful.

Rules for creating Hashtags

  • Don’t use spaces in hashtags.
  • Don’t use punctuations in hashtags.
  • Don’t use special characters in hashtags.

How to come up with a good Hashtag

The best way to is to know what is the purpose of using the hashtag and what message it should convey. A good hashtag is one who knows what audience it is targeting. It will appear in every search which will be related to that hashtag, and before using a good hashtag, you must know what words which are connected to your topic people are searching mostly. It is also called using brand hashtags of using business hashtags. The rules are no spaces, no punctuations and no special characters.

How to create Hashtag for free

To create, you just need to put a pound (#) sign before a word or a phrase. You must be careful that you should not use spaces, punctuations and special characters for using coolest hashtags. These are free, and you can use them whenever you want on facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

There are some websites which help you in using hashtags you can visit hashtagify.com where you can get paid services, or you can start a trial to get the experience of using hashtags campaigns. There are other hashtag tracking tools by using hashtags tracking tools, you can get help, and these tools are Traker Walker, Ritetag, Tagboard, Hashtags,

How to register a Hashtag

To Register, a hashtag or using a business hashtag is a little tricky; there are websites by which you can get your hashtag registered. After registering your hashtag, they will add that hashtag in their directory.


When you purchase a hashtag for a company or yourself you can announce that you are using that so your clients or the people who search for your company can use that hashtag for search but you cannot stop other people from using that hashtag. Other people can also use that too. If you want to register it you can visit these websites. Traker Walker, Ritetag, Tagboard, Hashtags, Twubs, Trendsmap.

Create Hashtag for an event

Creating a hashtag or using a hashtag for an event can get you double traffic as compare to the simple words. You can register a hashtag for your company or a specific event and then you can tell your clients that your business is using that hashtag. You can use a hashtag for complete event name like using event hashtags, but you must follow hashtag rules which are no spaces, no punctuations, no special characters. Use the words for hashtags which you use most because when people will search for that hashtag the information you have provided for that hashtag will also appear which can get you more audience.

Tip for creating Hashtags

Hashtags have become very useful in these days Twitter, Instagram and now Facebook has also started using it. The hashtag is an excellent way to get the attention of maximum people on a specific word, phrase or sentence. There are some tips to write a good hashtag

  • Choose the word which you use very often.
  • Choose word or phrase which best describes your conversation or product.
  • Do not use spaces.
  • Do not use punctuations.
  • Do not use special character.

Hashtag Tracking

Hashtags can help to boost traffic, companies and organisations are using hashtags to get the imagination of the online public. Hashtags tracking has become a high challenge these days. Tracking hashtag can be measured no of times it mentioned, in different countries, language and different context. But there are solutions; I am going to tell you about some tools which can make this difficult task easy for you.

Tools for Hashtag Tracking

Traker Walker, Ritetag, Tagboard, Hashtags, Twubs, Trendsmap.

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